Our 5 tips to prepare your outdoor spaces for winter start with what to do in early October before the heavy winds, rain and plummeting temperatures start! So let’s make a list.

Our 5 Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Spaces for Winter

Patio Furniture

Wash down your chairs and tables on a sunny day so they are completely dry before you store them.  Ideally if you have an outdoor shed, you can stack the tables and chairs inside this space.   They will last a lot longer if they are sheltered for the winter.  Don’t forget to take any loose patio seating or cushions inside your house rather than storing them in your shed.  Those lovely critters such as squirrels, chipmunks and mice are looking for a nice spot to hang out in the winter and your soft cushions might end up being a mess by spring if you leave them in your garden shed.

And don’t forget to wipe off your patio umbrella and clean your bbq before you put both of them away for the winter.  But hold on…..maybe you want to grill in the winter?  It’s still a good idea to clean the grill each time you use it and then put on a grill cover once the grill is cool.  It will help your bbq to last a long time.

Get Rid of Your Leaves

Rake Up Your Leaves – Find out when your municipality has curbside cleanup and schedule your raking before the city picks up your leaves. This way there are fewer bags to put out for refuse pick up or to put on your compost pile.

  • Top the leaves with a nitrogen-rich item, like cottonseed meal, grass clippings, food waste, or manure. Keep your compost pile moist and turn it every couple of weeks to mix it up.

Clean Your Eavestroughs

If you leave all the leaves in your eavestroughs, you could have trouble with melting snow and ice overflow during the winter months.   Eventually you could have such a build up that the overflow could affect your foundation.  With clogged eavestroughs the water can’t get through to the downspout and away from the house foundation.  The water will start gushing over the top of your gutters and seeping into your foundation.

Winterize your water sprinkler system, hoses and water feature

If water remains in your sprinkler system or water feature during the winter, you could find all your lines are split come spring.  Repairing a sprinkler system or replacing your water feature lines can be expensive, so it is worth it to prevent this from happening.

Turn off all your outside water connections from inside your house and drain out all the hoses so water doesn’t remain in the hoses over the winter.

Get Ready for Snow Removal

Check out your snow removal equipment making sure it is tuned up for use this winter. If you are going to shovel the snow by hand, do you have an ergonomic and light shovel to ease the pressure on your back.  Or if you don’t want to to shovel snow this winter, consider contacting Emerald Property Services  for your complete snow removal services.

And don’t forget to buy bags of ice melting pellets.  If you need large quantities you might consider buying online.   The safest ice melt for children and pets is Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter.

If you need help to prepare your outdoor spaces for winter, we can help.  Contact us at 905-512-2866 or contact us via email.

If you like our 5 tips to prepare your outdoor spaces for winter, we also can completely maintain your residential or commercial outdoor space and offer the following services:

  • Fence building
  • Fence repairs
  • Power washing of decks, patios and pathways
  • Water feature maintenance
  • Deck building
  • Deck repairs
  • Snow removal
  • Eavestrough Cleaning
  • Grass Cutting

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